What We Offer

The Louvre Systems and Sunshield Louvres brands have become synonymous with top quality louvre products within the louvre industry.

We are proud of our flexible approach and ability to deliver customised solutions as we are able to give you the quality louvre designs you want.


Our sunshield louvre systems can be aligned to place your louvres either horizontally or vertically. Other customisations include an endless range of colours to suit your needs, and the ability to choose between a fixed position, adjustable and operable systems. Depending on your requirements, your sunshield louvres from Louvre Systems can be manual, motorised or remote control. We can even install sensors that adjust automatically to the climate without you lifting a finger.


With the stylish rainshield louvres from Louvre Systems, create the outdoor room you’ve always wanted and bring your home outside even when it’s raining. Louvres not only provide shelter from the sun, they can also protect from the wind and rain.

At Louvre Systems, our rainshield louvres are sealed individually to ensure full waterproofing with a range of customisations for your convenience. Operate the aluminium louvres manually, or electronically with a discreetly placed actuator used with internal switch or remote control, or if you prefer, have sensors installed so that they close automatically at the first sign of rain.

Privacy Screens & Panels

Various sized Louvres in the fixed or operable application, available in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Operable by way of an actuator with external handle or by gearbox.

Our Privacy Screens & Panels are commonly used to separate or enclose an area adding additional privacy, weather shielding and style.

Gates & Fencing

To create extremely striking features Louvres can be used to create gates and fences.

Various sized Louvres can be used between posts or columns to add value to your project.

Louvre Fences add to the aesthetic appeal of any project and allow the themes of the building to be carried into the exterior of the property

Air-conditioner Screens

Various size louvres to screen air-conditioning units on roofs, for aesthetic appeal and to fulfill council requirements.
In the fixed application, angled to your requirements, or even inverted.

Mitered and capped corners, or mitered and welded.

Flue Screens

Various size louvres screen chimney and flues for aesthetic appeal and to fulfill council requirements.
In the fixed application, angled to your requirements, or even inverted.

Mitered and capped corners, or mitered and welded. of rain.

Custom Work

Chose from a range of additional features including automation, handles, switches, hinges, locks and latches.