Our Sunshield louvre systems can be aligned to orientate your louvres either horizontally or vertically.
Other customizations include an endless range of colors, and the ability to choose between a fixed position, adjustable and operable systems.
Depending on your requirements, your sunshield louvres from Louvre Systems can be manual or motorized.

designing perfection

At Louvre Systems we offer control of your environment with style. Bring a new level of comfort to your everyday environment with this method of shading large panes of glass.

While there are many alternatives to sunshield louvres such as awnings, sails, and air conditioning, nothing will beat our stylish sunshield louvres.

Sunshield louvres from Louvre Systems are specifically designed to provide the ideal solution for temperature control, whether you want to lessen the summer heat or maximise light in winter.

Our sunshield louvres are primarily external features, but can also be used indoors to create the design features you desire.


Unlike other louvre manufacturers Louvre Systems customizes each design to your individual requirements.

Don’t be restricted by set products, with Louvre Systems we design your requirements from Concept to Creation.

external elegance

Our Sunshield Louvres are an elegant feature to external facades with the added benefit of temperature and light management for the spaces where its used.

eco friendly

Save money used in conditioning your environment, our Sunshield Louvres can be connected with sensors and automation equipment to adjust your enviroment to your preferred temperature.

Louvre Systems is a family owned business, operated by Rob and Debbie Woolrich.

While Louvre Systems is growing rapidly, both Rob and Debbie are committed family people. Bringing their family values into the business ensuring that all Louvre Systems customers receive the best service every time.